February 14, 2006

Down to the “knitty gritty”

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Well… no more avoiding and distracting you with lame (but funny) Google searches, which I’ve added more to BTW.

 I actually have progress!!!

I know you probably thought I abandoned Mr. and Mrs. Valentine, but I didn’t. They were just waiting for Valenitnes Day to make their debut!!!

The Valentine Bears were made from Berrocco’s free Air Bear pattern, from Bartlett Fisherman 2-ply and Cascade 200, on size 7 needles. These are a super quick knit!!


 I decided to leave the magnets out of their snouts so they have to kiss manually. I was too afraid that Lily might get them out and choke.

She definitely loves her love bears. She’s a little under the weather today if you can’t tell =( She looks a lil sicky in the picture, but she’s hangin in there. The Doc said it’s just a little sore throat. She’ll be back to her perky self in a couple of days.


And now…… without further adue, procrastination, swear words, or throwing of things…. here is my futile Olympic Progress

(betcha thought I was NEVER going to post!!)

The Socks are still REALLY TIGHT!!! As in I have to hold my breath and break a sweat to get it over my heel. And I don’t have big feet!!! i have totally normal feet!! I’ve already gone up a needle size. But I don’t feel like starting over, so if worse come to worst, I’ll find someone with narrow feet and throw them at them give them to them!


February 4, 2006

If you really want to know….

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I got to go to the Thursday night Stich N’ Bitch which I never get to go to because Carl and I ride to work together. I was bragging about rewarding myself with a new project after finishing a lot of things that I had lying around.

Well that’s when Sheila brought up Mr. Valentine.

Mr. and Mrs. Valentine ARE finished, as far as knitting anyways. A few people have asked about them and why I’m not posting about them, did I forget about them. And the anwer is no. If you really want to know the terrible horrible truth then I’ll give it to you!

There… the terrible horrible truth. Mr. Valentine was made with Cascade 220 which drew up a lot when felting. Mrs. Valentine was made from Bartlett and didn’t draw up at all. So Mrs. Valentine spent quite a but of time in the dryer on high while Mr. Valentine has been stretching on this torture device piece of cardboard.

The good news is it seems to work. The bad news is, Mr. Valentine is barely felted and the Misses is totally felted.

So there you go, the terribel horrible truth. Why have I not posted!? Because I wanted to spare you the morbid details! ARG!!!

Don’t despair, I will salvage them yet, hopefully the Misses wont be sooo much bigger that she looks like and Amazon Woman. I am going to get magnets and finish the job today! So stay tuned…..


Next time I should just go see Sheila and the wall of Cascade and do it right!!!!

February 1, 2006

I think I’m in love…

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You know that feeling you get when you start a new project? 



I am totally addicted to that feeling.  That feeling is what keeps me starting all kinds of new things and never finishing all the things that are half done!  It’s like puppy love, like when you first meet a someone you get the butterfies for and everything is soooo happy.  You’re even happy to get up and go to work, everything you do all day is happy as your mind drifts back to thoughts of your sweetie. That’s how I feel today.  I am in love!  In love with The Somewhat Cowl!


So in love, in fact, that I tucked it away in my bag and snuck it to work with me!!

I love this pattern, and I love this yarn!!! (Alpaca/silk from Blue Sky Alpaca) This project is my reward for finishing all my projects {except for the disas-t-o scarf I was making Carl (Pre wool-i-tis episode) and some sweater I started long long ago out of very cheap yarn}

I finished My Nanny’s Vogue wrap, I finished my Mom’s purse, I took a month to finish Lily’s bears which really should have taken mere days!(pic later… drying from felting right now)

Oh, Somewhat Cowl, I have been dreaming of you from afar, and soon you will be mine!!! Finally, something for me!! ME ME ME ME!!

It is sooo fun to start something new and awesome!  I have wanted to do a top-down raglan since forever ago! (never done one, never finished a sweater either!!)

And now – Some random “Dog Caught Napping in my Laundry” pics!!


January 22, 2006

Mr. Valentine

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Ok, so he’s not finished, and he should be. But I have the most fabulous of plans for him and I couldn’t wait for an FO pic to talk about them. As you know, Mr. Valentine is a gift for my daughter for Valentines Day. Well, I stayed up late Thursday night trying to get him finished and had plans to felt him, stuff him and give him some eyes. Then my gears started turning. You know those Halmark bears, the one’s that kiss? Well it just so happens that one of those little round magnets will just fit in his little snout area!!

So Mr. Valentine will just say where he’s at until he can join Mrs. Valentine!!! She will be just like him with the colors reversed! So I will have my own set of cutie pie kissing bears!!

January 20, 2006

If Only

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If only I had remembered to bring home my memory card for my camera from work yesterday instead of leaving it in the printer’s slot from getting pix off!!!  GRRRR then I would be posting a long overdue pic of the modified Sophie I made for my Mom.  It’s so awesome!!

And I might have posted a pic of the little valentine bear I made for Lily.  I stayed up late last night after casting off so I could weave in the ends, sew him up and put the pink on his lil ears and nose and a lil pink heart on his chest. =( Well I’ll at least throw in some yarn

fisherman.jpg     Cascade.jpg
I used the darker color for the body and the pink stuff for accents.
He is so cute!  i think I’ll name him Mr. Valentine
He needs to be felted, stuffed and eyes sewn on and he’ll be ready for hugs and love from Lily!
Also, i have some of this laying around…

the Hus got it for me for Christmas and he loves it.  I was supposed to be making him a scarf… out of Bartlett (pre wool-it-is)
Well I didn’t get too far and I hate working the cable, it takes FOREVER and I just don’t like spending all that time on not-me…

scarf.jpgI really did get a lot farther than this, but this is the only pic I have.  So long story short, he mentioned something about wanting a scarf out of the alpaca/silk but i thought it was too soft and girly, now I’m begining to wonder…  maybe doing something like a seed stitch would be nice and not too girly, with some fringe (manly fringe =) )

But, I have the Olympics comming up, and those socks aren’t going to knit themselves!! and at this rate it will be March before it gets done.  March isn’t really scarf weather her in Nashvegas!