February 14, 2006

Down to the “knitty gritty”

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Well… no more avoiding and distracting you with lame (but funny) Google searches, which I’ve added more to BTW.

 I actually have progress!!!

I know you probably thought I abandoned Mr. and Mrs. Valentine, but I didn’t. They were just waiting for Valenitnes Day to make their debut!!!

The Valentine Bears were made from Berrocco’s free Air Bear pattern, from Bartlett Fisherman 2-ply and Cascade 200, on size 7 needles. These are a super quick knit!!


 I decided to leave the magnets out of their snouts so they have to kiss manually. I was too afraid that Lily might get them out and choke.

She definitely loves her love bears. She’s a little under the weather today if you can’t tell =( She looks a lil sicky in the picture, but she’s hangin in there. The Doc said it’s just a little sore throat. She’ll be back to her perky self in a couple of days.


And now…… without further adue, procrastination, swear words, or throwing of things…. here is my futile Olympic Progress

(betcha thought I was NEVER going to post!!)

The Socks are still REALLY TIGHT!!! As in I have to hold my breath and break a sweat to get it over my heel. And I don’t have big feet!!! i have totally normal feet!! I’ve already gone up a needle size. But I don’t feel like starting over, so if worse come to worst, I’ll find someone with narrow feet and throw them at them give them to them!


February 10, 2006

Treats All Around!!

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Well….. Mister Gamer Man got invited to the Palm with Mr. Big Wig Representative from some company who’s product Mr. GM’s company sells.

I was sooo jealous. I’ve only been there once.  Mister Gamer Man took me there when we first started dating. Back then the fanciest place I had ever eaten was at Red Lobster and that was high-style according to me. It was awesome, we had soo much fun, we ordered Lobster and everything! I was super impressed.

Well, when he came home he had CHEESECAKE for me. Now, I don’t know about you but I was totally wooed by this gesture!  It was so sweet of him, he knows how much I love dessert and I love it when he remembers to think of me. (I tend to get jealous when people do fun things without me! Like a big baby…)

It was sooo good that I ate a little that night and then had it for dinner the next night (ooo so bad).

That wasn’t the only time I was able to indulge a bit in the past few days. Remember the yarn that was supposed to be here today – the day of the why the hell did I drag myself into this Olympic Opening Ceremonies?! Well, it just so happened to get here a day early!


Oh Yeah!!! So I got to spend some much needed quality time with my Somewhat Cowl. 

I don’t know why I didn’t just pick the Somewhat for my Olympic knit.  I think I couldn’t wait that long to cast on and I had every bit of faith in myself to be able to just put it down!


Yep – those socks just don’t seem so fun now.  Sorry Sock Team USA….I promise I’ll have more spirit once I cast on.

Aaaaaannnnnnnd…… I made some tees!  I just couldn’t help it. I love to design! I had this little doodle and I just made it into a tee!!

Click HERE for a larger pic of the logo

 It was so much fun, I think I’m going to make some more!  I want to make some real retro-looking kinda fun tees.  I love cafepress! 

January 19, 2006

eenie meanie minie mo

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So, USA Sock Olympic team….. While people are knitting their fair isle and complicated cable sweaters I, am going for a less ambitious knit by going for the gold in sock knitting.

So I have these 2 colors of Koigu who are at each other’s throats right now.






They both want to be Olympic socks and things are getting pretty ugly 



I have to admit, I cast on with the bluish-purple and I do believe that I HATE size 1 dpns!!!!  My fingers hurt.  Who’s dumb idea was it to knit socks!!! I think I need to try the 2 circs thing.  And I’ve screwed up like 8000000000 times. Socks are harder than I thought they would be!  So I ripped it all out and I’ll get some circs, then I think I’ll practice a bit on some c-rap-ay yarn before the Olympics. Who competes in an Olympic Knit for socks when they’ve NEVER even knit 1 sock!!?!?!?

I guess I do…..