February 14, 2006

Down to the “knitty gritty”

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Well… no more avoiding and distracting you with lame (but funny) Google searches, which I’ve added more to BTW.

 I actually have progress!!!

I know you probably thought I abandoned Mr. and Mrs. Valentine, but I didn’t. They were just waiting for Valenitnes Day to make their debut!!!

The Valentine Bears were made from Berrocco’s free Air Bear pattern, from Bartlett Fisherman 2-ply and Cascade 200, on size 7 needles. These are a super quick knit!!


 I decided to leave the magnets out of their snouts so they have to kiss manually. I was too afraid that Lily might get them out and choke.

She definitely loves her love bears. She’s a little under the weather today if you can’t tell =( She looks a lil sicky in the picture, but she’s hangin in there. The Doc said it’s just a little sore throat. She’ll be back to her perky self in a couple of days.


And now…… without further adue, procrastination, swear words, or throwing of things…. here is my futile Olympic Progress

(betcha thought I was NEVER going to post!!)

The Socks are still REALLY TIGHT!!! As in I have to hold my breath and break a sweat to get it over my heel. And I don’t have big feet!!! i have totally normal feet!! I’ve already gone up a needle size. But I don’t feel like starting over, so if worse come to worst, I’ll find someone with narrow feet and throw them at them give them to them!


February 7, 2006

Ooooohhh So Bad!

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I had no more selfcontrol with this chocolate pie this morning than I did @ kpixie yesterday.

But, the yarn I bought was like the smell of a free, freshly baked, handmade, chocolate pie.  It kept wafting my direction taunting me, teasing me, and whispering sweet nothings in my ear.

I’ve been bad.  Real real bad!


Let’s just say that after my little shopping spree yesterday, I ‘ll be brown baggin’ it the rest of the week. That’s right.  I spent my lunch money on yarn.

I set myself up for failure.  Like this morning when the boss gave me that naughtily desicious chocolate pie and I told myself, “You can just eat half of it”. “You can just knit a little bit of the Somewhat Cowl,” I told myself. “You’ll run out of yarn, but that’s ok, you’ve got to buy Birthday presents for Mister Gamer Man and besides, it’ll keep you from slacking on your Olympic Socks”.

Wrong again. I came to the end of my second hank oh-too-very-fast. Who knew I would knit that fast!?  WHO!!?? Not me, that’s for sure.

I tried to let it go, but it just kept creeping back on my mind. So in a yarn buying rampage yesterday I ordered the last 4 hanks!  They’re mine!!! ha ha ha …. uh .. ahem. And I don’t feel good. I don’t have that excited feeling.  I feel sick, like after eating the ENTIRE chocolate pie at 10 AM.

There’s more, I’m sorry…… the yarn will arrive on February 10…. The day the Olympics begins!!!!!!!

Oh I’m so bad… oh so bad…

In happier less self loathing news…..I have begun work on my FO page.  I still have to get pics of some of the stuff (there’s not much) and since I’m hurting for content I might embarass myself with a UFO page!!! Today, I’m adding my first FO!  Lily’s Alice in Wonderland “Cat Hat”. I used a basic hat pattern and added ears!  Look for more to come!