February 14, 2006

Down to the “knitty gritty”

Posted in Finished Objects, knitting, Knitting Olympics at 2:28 pm by mystrawberrylane


Well… no more avoiding and distracting you with lame (but funny) Google searches, which I’ve added more to BTW.

 I actually have progress!!!

I know you probably thought I abandoned Mr. and Mrs. Valentine, but I didn’t. They were just waiting for Valenitnes Day to make their debut!!!

The Valentine Bears were made from Berrocco’s free Air Bear pattern, from Bartlett Fisherman 2-ply and Cascade 200, on size 7 needles. These are a super quick knit!!


 I decided to leave the magnets out of their snouts so they have to kiss manually. I was too afraid that Lily might get them out and choke.

She definitely loves her love bears. She’s a little under the weather today if you can’t tell =( She looks a lil sicky in the picture, but she’s hangin in there. The Doc said it’s just a little sore throat. She’ll be back to her perky self in a couple of days.


And now…… without further adue, procrastination, swear words, or throwing of things…. here is my futile Olympic Progress

(betcha thought I was NEVER going to post!!)

The Socks are still REALLY TIGHT!!! As in I have to hold my breath and break a sweat to get it over my heel. And I don’t have big feet!!! i have totally normal feet!! I’ve already gone up a needle size. But I don’t feel like starting over, so if worse come to worst, I’ll find someone with narrow feet and throw them at them give them to them!


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  1. Betty said,

    The bears look great! Lily looks so happy!

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