February 6, 2006

I can’t believe it!!!

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 Wow!! I can’t believe it! (and pardon the crappy pix, Mister Gamer Man was busy saving the world playing Rainbow Six so I had to take my own pix)

My very first sweater, the lovely, the gorgeous, The Somewhat Cowl. Man! I have NEVER knit so fast in my life!  You are looking at 4 days worth of knitting! I am not a fast knitter guys…. This is an accomplishment.



The bad news….. it takes 6 hanks and I only have 2 =-(

I’m almost thru the 2nd hank =*-(

Woe is me!  =-(

I sorta planned it this way but now I’m regretting it. I had these 2 hanks lying around with no real plans for them, and then decided to go ahead with this pattern.  That way, I would run out of yarn by the Olympics and not be tempted to weasle out of my sock knitting. Well who knew slowy-slowhands-knitter would get sooooooo gung ho and bust it out so fast. It helped that my husband asked smart-assily “Are you actually going to finish that?”

I just got soooo exremely excited about this.

Maybe because it’s the first REAL object I’ve knitted myself.  Maybe because I’ve spent so much time knitting for other people.  But maybe it’s because this yarn is INSANELY luxurious!!

It’s also real nice to knit stockinette after lace and shaping. I can watch TV and knit along all at the same time!  I’m really loving the top-down raglan, it’s awesome!



  1. pixie said,

    yeah that’s how I felt about the essential stripe which is knit the same way, you go girl! Maybe buy a different color and it will be a two tone cowl? hehe

  2. Betty said,

    I love it! It’s looking great! Thanks for the blogging resource link. It is really helpful. It is exactly what I needed to customize my ho-hum blog into something special. Now I need to find the time.

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