February 4, 2006

If you really want to know….

Posted in knitting, Randomness at 2:58 pm by mystrawberrylane

I got to go to the Thursday night Stich N’ Bitch which I never get to go to because Carl and I ride to work together. I was bragging about rewarding myself with a new project after finishing a lot of things that I had lying around.

Well that’s when Sheila brought up Mr. Valentine.

Mr. and Mrs. Valentine ARE finished, as far as knitting anyways. A few people have asked about them and why I’m not posting about them, did I forget about them. And the anwer is no. If you really want to know the terrible horrible truth then I’ll give it to you!

There… the terrible horrible truth. Mr. Valentine was made with Cascade 220 which drew up a lot when felting. Mrs. Valentine was made from Bartlett and didn’t draw up at all. So Mrs. Valentine spent quite a but of time in the dryer on high while Mr. Valentine has been stretching on this torture device piece of cardboard.

The good news is it seems to work. The bad news is, Mr. Valentine is barely felted and the Misses is totally felted.

So there you go, the terribel horrible truth. Why have I not posted!? Because I wanted to spare you the morbid details! ARG!!!

Don’t despair, I will salvage them yet, hopefully the Misses wont be sooo much bigger that she looks like and Amazon Woman. I am going to get magnets and finish the job today! So stay tuned…..


Next time I should just go see Sheila and the wall of Cascade and do it right!!!!



  1. Sheila said,

    Oops, sorry! I’ve seen worse – trust me and you’re crafty so I”m not worried a bit. See ya soon I hope.

  2. Betty said,

    Hi Amy! Nice to meet you at the store yesterday. Those bears are cute, even if Mrs. V is larger.

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