February 1, 2006

I think I’m in love…

Posted in knitting, New Project, Randomness at 3:27 pm by mystrawberrylane

You know that feeling you get when you start a new project? 



I am totally addicted to that feeling.  That feeling is what keeps me starting all kinds of new things and never finishing all the things that are half done!  It’s like puppy love, like when you first meet a someone you get the butterfies for and everything is soooo happy.  You’re even happy to get up and go to work, everything you do all day is happy as your mind drifts back to thoughts of your sweetie. That’s how I feel today.  I am in love!  In love with The Somewhat Cowl!


So in love, in fact, that I tucked it away in my bag and snuck it to work with me!!

I love this pattern, and I love this yarn!!! (Alpaca/silk from Blue Sky Alpaca) This project is my reward for finishing all my projects {except for the disas-t-o scarf I was making Carl (Pre wool-i-tis episode) and some sweater I started long long ago out of very cheap yarn}

I finished My Nanny’s Vogue wrap, I finished my Mom’s purse, I took a month to finish Lily’s bears which really should have taken mere days!(pic later… drying from felting right now)

Oh, Somewhat Cowl, I have been dreaming of you from afar, and soon you will be mine!!! Finally, something for me!! ME ME ME ME!!

It is sooo fun to start something new and awesome!  I have wanted to do a top-down raglan since forever ago! (never done one, never finished a sweater either!!)

And now – Some random “Dog Caught Napping in my Laundry” pics!!




  1. pixie said,

    soo cute, maybe I’ll finish my essential stripe this weekend. Those top down patterns are so easy and I like Wendy’s patterns cause she does all inches which i find works better.

    love da pupper pics hah!

  2. QpG4qfttkQ said,

    Lp2wlu5FqVMgmo Vv1oUISR5ql yqFGCNRNAW

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