January 24, 2006

And I thought I wouldn’t have anything to post about today…

Posted in Randomness at 5:24 pm by mystrawberrylane

No knitting occured last night. I fell asleep and Mrs. Valentine has only 2 legs and a stumpy bit of a tummy to show for it.

I was thinking that I would have nothing to post about. My sister has pics of an FO of mine on her camera which she PROMISED she’d email DAYS ago.  But well, she’s 14 and that is not high on her to-do list. Wait – she’s 14, what to-do list!?

Then I saw THIS (scroll down to Angelica)

Yes the pattern’s been out a while and yes I’ve seen it but then I saw it with new eyes. With “I want to start something new but Hubby’s birthday is comming up and I can’t buy yarn” eyes.  And something about seeing it in a different color got me interested.

I have my eye on this color hip knits purple ooooohh yeah!

If you haven’t noticed, i am a “Dream Knitter” I dream more than I knit, I buy more yarn, I have 800 UFO’s.  But I do finish things I swear!! But a lot of them I rip out!! hee hee

I WILL I SWEAR get an FO gallery up soon. And it is my New Year’s resolution to finish more things.  To finish a SWEATER!!


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  1. pixie said,

    Can’t wait to see your FO’s, I also am a dreamer and a buyer heh.

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