January 22, 2006

Mr. Valentine

Posted in knitting at 3:03 pm by mystrawberrylane

Ok, so he’s not finished, and he should be. But I have the most fabulous of plans for him and I couldn’t wait for an FO pic to talk about them. As you know, Mr. Valentine is a gift for my daughter for Valentines Day. Well, I stayed up late Thursday night trying to get him finished and had plans to felt him, stuff him and give him some eyes. Then my gears started turning. You know those Halmark bears, the one’s that kiss? Well it just so happens that one of those little round magnets will just fit in his little snout area!!

So Mr. Valentine will just say where he’s at until he can join Mrs. Valentine!!! She will be just like him with the colors reversed! So I will have my own set of cutie pie kissing bears!!


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