January 20, 2006

If Only

Posted in knitting, Randomness at 10:28 am by mystrawberrylane

If only I had remembered to bring home my memory card for my camera from work yesterday instead of leaving it in the printer’s slot from getting pix off!!!  GRRRR then I would be posting a long overdue pic of the modified Sophie I made for my Mom.  It’s so awesome!!

And I might have posted a pic of the little valentine bear I made for Lily.  I stayed up late last night after casting off so I could weave in the ends, sew him up and put the pink on his lil ears and nose and a lil pink heart on his chest. =( Well I’ll at least throw in some yarn

fisherman.jpg     Cascade.jpg
I used the darker color for the body and the pink stuff for accents.
He is so cute!  i think I’ll name him Mr. Valentine
He needs to be felted, stuffed and eyes sewn on and he’ll be ready for hugs and love from Lily!
Also, i have some of this laying around…

the Hus got it for me for Christmas and he loves it.  I was supposed to be making him a scarf… out of Bartlett (pre wool-it-is)
Well I didn’t get too far and I hate working the cable, it takes FOREVER and I just don’t like spending all that time on not-me…

scarf.jpgI really did get a lot farther than this, but this is the only pic I have.  So long story short, he mentioned something about wanting a scarf out of the alpaca/silk but i thought it was too soft and girly, now I’m begining to wonder…  maybe doing something like a seed stitch would be nice and not too girly, with some fringe (manly fringe =) )

But, I have the Olympics comming up, and those socks aren’t going to knit themselves!! and at this rate it will be March before it gets done.  March isn’t really scarf weather her in Nashvegas!



  1. pixie said,

    it doesn’t look to girly to tme!

  2. Janie said,

    I saw your comment on the Threaded Bliss blog and did a doubletake. I’m a redhead with a redheaded little girl (well, she’s not so little – turning nine on Tuesday), and I was just in Threaded Bliss looking for two circular needles so I can learn to do socks that way! I don’t mind DPNs but have never knitted a sock – only mittens. Anyway, just thought I’d say hello…

  3. Carrie said,

    K, so I want to be on Team USA Sock too! I’ll be doing my first ever pair, some plain ol’ burgundy Jaywalkers with the original edging.
    Also, I am a natural red head (don’t we totally rock? 😉 and if my son (4+months old) had been a daughter, I would have named him Lily. My son came out dark – hair, eyes, skin, the whole deal – but his hair is actually showing signs of auburn.

  4. Mindy said,

    Greetings, just found your blog and wanted to say hi. I to am knitting socks for the KnitOlympics. I have only ever finished one pair and wanted to give it another try. I am going to do Jaywalkers with some Cherry Tree Hill I have. I really like both of the colors of yarn for the socks,.

  5. Chrissie said,

    It’s not really scarf weather right now, either! (At least in LexVegas) Can’t wait to see pics of Mr. Valentine, he sounds super cute 🙂

    Have a good weekend!

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