January 19, 2006

eenie meanie minie mo

Posted in Knitting Olympics at 4:16 pm by mystrawberrylane

So, USA Sock Olympic team….. While people are knitting their fair isle and complicated cable sweaters I, am going for a less ambitious knit by going for the gold in sock knitting.

So I have these 2 colors of Koigu who are at each other’s throats right now.






They both want to be Olympic socks and things are getting pretty ugly 



I have to admit, I cast on with the bluish-purple and I do believe that I HATE size 1 dpns!!!!  My fingers hurt.  Who’s dumb idea was it to knit socks!!! I think I need to try the 2 circs thing.  And I’ve screwed up like 8000000000 times. Socks are harder than I thought they would be!  So I ripped it all out and I’ll get some circs, then I think I’ll practice a bit on some c-rap-ay yarn before the Olympics. Who competes in an Olympic Knit for socks when they’ve NEVER even knit 1 sock!!?!?!?

I guess I do…..



  1. pixie said,

    oh yes you must learn how to use a circular. I use size 1’s and they don’t bother me a bit. I love MAGIC LOOP, it’s the fashizzle! (haha slap me now, go ahead!)

    For sweater sleeves though I prefer the 2 cric method. Socks tho, magic loop is great.

  2. Abigail said,

    I’m on the sock knitting team too! If you need any help with socks, I’m here for you! Sock knitters rule and have warm feet to kick some but..hehe

    Go for the blue. Team Sprit ,you know. Mine will be red lace socks. Knit on, girl, knit on!

  3. Monique said,

    I’m doing the same thing. Never knitted a sock but chose it as my challenge

  4. Jen said,

    You could learn magic loop like pixie said, I’ll support you! I’m a magic loop girl. Two circs are good too.

    Whoever invented metal sock dpn’s is EVIL, evil I say!

    (I’m knitting socks for Team Threaded Bliss too…)

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