January 17, 2006


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cat faces

So I’ve been out there reading blogs and being inspired, checking out free patterns, listening to life stories, feeling apart of an amazing group of people who craft, sew and knit. The latter of which is a COMPLETE obsession of mine. I think about knitting more times a day than a teenage box thinks about sex! I dream about it, I totally knit in my sleep. I fantasize about maxing out my credit card on Koigu, Aurora 8, and Snapcrafty handspun. When I go to Stitch n’ Bitch I can name 90% in the patterns in the room. “Oh, I see your knitting Claopotis, that’s cute” If it’s from Vouge Knitting, Glampyre, or Knitty I know it by name. I’m a total yarn-a-holic. I’m a total craft-o-holic.  

My blog is boring now – I’ve registered my domain and hope to download WordPress and get some hosting so I can do this blog thing proper.

Eventually I will open up a ‘lil shop. My domain is mystrawberrylane.com and I think I’ll set up my shop under shopstrawberrylane.com

First and foremost for my shop will be custom invitaions. I went to school for Graphic Design, graduated, got my degree, had BIG plans of freelancing and taking over the world. Then little Lilyana came along. I wasn’t working whilst I was gestating which reawoken the whole craft thing and surprisingly really awoke my girly femanine side. So the career thing got put on hold.

I love to design and have been doing it for fun even when I’m not working. I designed my own wedding invitations and I really loved them and I loved doing it. I have so many ideas in my head I could totally run wild with it. So, I’m putting my heart and soul into it and hopefully bringing to the world something fun and unique to choose from and not boring old pastel and doves. I’ll be doing invitations for all kinds of occasions, complete with thank you cards and anything and everything else to go with it.

On a non-career note, I love designing crochet items, and knit items. I love making handbags and customizing t-shirts so I’ll probably end up making those available as well. With the entire motive beeing to support my craft habit! I need more YARN!!! FEED ME!!! he he

I’ll leave you with a pic of my latest knitting FO. I knit the Vouge Lacy Shawl for my G-ma. I appoligize for the terible set up of the pic. I made this for “Nanny” because she was very influential in my crafting career. She’s had me crafting since I was old enough to sit up!!




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